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Unilever Future Leaders’ League is a global business case competition where you get the chance to gain firsthand insights into the dynamic world of consumer goods, collaborate with Unilever business leaders, land your first business trip abroad and meet fellow bright young minds from over 30 countries at the global round.

First introduced in Indonesia in 2013, FLL offers students a lifetime opportunity to solve real business challenges and collaborate with other great minds who are eager to grow and develop themselves for the future.
The local round in Indonesia will select top 3 individuals to represent the country in the Global Round of Future Leaders’ League in London, UK.

why fll?

Holistic Business Competition

Learn how to run business from the most innovative company in Asia and prepare yourself to be a future business leaders!

Be Inspired!

Meet, get inspired by and learn from the success of Unilever top leaders as your judges, coaches and mentors.

Be the Pride of Indonesia in London. uk

Represent our nation at the Global Round in London, UK. Meet bright student from all over the world, interact with prominent Global Unilever Leader and prepare yourself to be global leaders.

Get a Head Start

Get to know Unilever Indonesia as the country’s No. 1 Employer of Choice and jump start your career

FLL 2016-The Challenge

1. What’s your idea for Dove Conditioner campaign?

2. Define target market of conditioner and what would be the best way to tap them?

3. What do you think is the market growth potential for conditioner and why?

4. How do you ensure visibility and attract consumer at the point of purchase?

5. What will you do in terms of product quality, to ensure Dove Conditioner is up to the best standard?

What are you waiting for?

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Entry Phase

17th September – 15th October 2016

Submit your answer to the 1 on the case challenge + 1 page creative CV

Top 30 Announcement

28th October 2016

Top 30 Individual will be be contacted directly and list will be available at: Facebook Unilever Careers Indonesia and Twitter @ULICareers


13th November – 18th November 2016

Get a chance to know how we do business, coached by Unilever business leaders, and collaborate with other bright talents.

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